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Framework PHP/MySql for sites and/or web application development

This site is a collection of examples to demonstrate the possibilities offered by a modern Web site using technologies like HTML5 , JavaScript , AJAX , PHP and MYSQL.
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Bootstrap 3

This demo has used the framework Bootstrap 3.
Bootstrap is a bundle of features and functions for customizable web-design - CSS, JavaScript and fonts - collected in a single instrument.

Ready to Style & Edit

You're ready to go with this pre-built page structure, now all you need to do is add your own custom stylings!
You can see some free themes over at Bootswatch, or come up with your own using the Bootstrap customizer!

More pages

This site has many pages as you might find in a common site (including business).
The pages are: contacts, faq, news, photo gallery, catalog, pages created dynamically and much more.
More new pages are being added.

Multi template

The separation between php code and html by a template engine(for example Twig) allows the realization of sites a/o applications multi template
In this case the code is always is always the same but the output is shown in different ways. The most obvious advantage is that "logic" programming remains unique while output is managed in a specific way, even for single model. This means more rapid development and update of the application.
In this demo is used due model. Firts is developed using the framework boostrap standard, the second is developed using a theme (surcharge) called Unify.
As you can see, an equal data stored in database their display can change with a single click!

Template Boostrap default

Boostrap Default

Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

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Template Unify


Unify is an incredibly beautiful and fully responsive Bootstrap 3 Template for any type of creative professionals. Now Unify Template comes with 6 complete independent packages.

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